Thursday, September 16, 2010

Cookie Fail!

I'm known as an experienced baker among my friends, but what they don't see are the failures.  The flopped souffles, the cakes that stuck to their pans, and the toasted cookies.  Proof positive:

The dough started out well, but it was pretty hot in my apartment...

The disastrous batch.  Either my oven runs really hot or the cookie dough was too soft!  I would call these "caramelized".  They ended up in a ziploc bag, to be crushed and possibly used in vanilla ice cream later.  Not such a bad fate, I think.

After the nearly-burned batch, I watched the next set verrry closely... I love the fact that my oven has a window and exterior light switch!  Just like the one in my childhood home.  One of my favorite hobbies as a kid was watching things bake.

Finally a few that look ok... if not normal.  So flat!  Sigh.

Eat well!

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  1. Hey, you stole my "flat cookies" recipe! :) They turn out perfectly every time. hehehe