Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Healthy dinner fast!

Or, Breakfast for Dinner.

Or, How to Use Freezer-Burned Bluberries in Something Delicious.

Or, How to Show the World That You Don't Know How to Plate Food.

I just needed some food, in my stomach, preferably 10 minutes ago, because I needed to leave the house, oh... 5 minutes ago! In the bowl, we have red chard sauteed in Bacon (yes, I always capitalize Bacon, because... well, don't you know it is the most important food in your fridge?), with 2 fried eggs on top (this should have been on the plate). Salty, savory, and warm. On the plate, we have romaine with a balsamic-blueberry dressing and walnuts (this should have been in the bowl). Sweet, cool, and crunchy. And whatever other adjective I can think of to describe how careful you need to be while eating this over a white countertop, still wearing your work clothes. Will someone please come up with a word for that? I need to repeat it to myself slowly, ten times, while I wipe the counter down between hasty bites.


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