Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Chocolate Gelato!

I'm feeling a little woozy after having an old filling replaced and a small cavity filled at the dentist's office.  They gave me two painkiller shots, and I still felt the drilling a little!  Not very fun.

So, because my cloudy brain can't write much right now, I'm going to concentrate on baking up something new for you tonight, and for now I'll provide you with this rich demo of chocolate gelato I first posted in November of 2007.  This is a blog named after that sweet treat, after all, so I ought to post something gelato-related before too much time passes. Who said you can't make ice cream in winter?

I felt like making ice cream and I had some cream in the fridge, so this is what happens when I get inspired and I happen to have the right ingredients. :-)

Cooking the custard:

Melting the chocolate:


Nice and glossy! And no, the spoon isn't that close to the camera, that's Grandma's larger-than-life humongous trusty wooden spoon.
Next ice cream variation on the list: creme brulee!

I just realized I never did make that creme brulee ice cream... maybe this November of this year would be a good time!

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  1. Oo, that sounds delicious. The only type of gelato I've made is passionfruit. Not bad, but I think chocolate or creme brulee sound so much better